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Freemie is constantly growing, and with the addition of our new Next Generation Cups, Fitmie Inserts, and wearable Liberty and Independence Pumps, the options for freedom in pumping are growing dramatically too!

Collection Cup Sets

We make two different types of cup sets, Next Generation Freemie Cups (closed-system) and Original Freemie Cups for Medela (open-system). Freemie Cups give you versatilty because they can be used with a wide range of compatible pumps when correctly connected.

Freemie Next Generation Cups (closed-system)

Meet our newest cup set!

Pump Anywhere
Model no. FG063
  • Freemie Next Generation Cups (model no. FG063) are available on our website and work with a number of pumps including Spectra, Ameda and more! Next Generation Cups feature a built-in barrier to prevent milk backing up, a super seal and a simpler pump connection. This set retails for about $79 and does not need any additional parts to connect to compatible pumps.

Original Freemie Cups for Medela Pumps (open-system)

Original Freemie Cups includes models FG041, FG047 and FG056. These cup sets may have varied packaging depending on where you purchase, and include different pump connections.

Model no. FG041

Our Original Freemie Cups (model no. FG041) are available on freemie.com and Amazon. This set works with specific Medela, Hygeia compatible pumps.

  • We have the same Original Freemie set (model no. FG047) sold in box retailers, such as Walmart and Target that is packaged in partnership with NUK brand. This set includes a connection kit for NUK, Medela and Hygeia compatible pumps only. This set is also sold in stores in Canada (model no. FG056).

Freemie Pumps

We make 4 distinct pumps for your situation. Electric, manual, and compact portables give you choices in pumping. Our pumps comes with Freemie Cups, and are not sold separately.

Freemie Rechargeable, Mobile, Wearable Pumps

076 077
Independence and Liberty Pumps
  • Our Independence Pump (model nos. FG066 or FG076) are available through insurance (Standard and Deluxe Sets FG066 and FG076), and freemie.com (Deluxe Set FG076). Find our wearable pump with concealable Freemie Next Generation Cups at durable medical equipment (DME) companies nationwide. AGlobe earth glass ball in human hand on whitevailable at 1 Natural Way, Byram Healthcare, Edgepark Medical, Aeroflow and more!
  • Our Liberty Pump is available at freemie.com (model no. FG077). The Liberty Pump includes Freemie Next Generation Cups and has an adjustable shut-off timer. Set it in 5-minute intervals up to 40 minutes.

    Independence v. Liberty – What’s the Difference?

    These new pumps are like semi-identical twins! ; ) The Liberty Pump has an adjustable timer and LCD display screen. The Independence has no timer, and LED lights indicating suction and speed. They both have the same number of suction and strength settings, 3 re-programmable memory settings, Turbo Mode (extended draw cycle), and automatic shutoff. More here.

Freemie Fitmie Inserts

Fitmie is a new sizing option for Freemie users. Most Freemie cup and pump sets come with both 25mm and 28mm funnels. The Fitmie are soft inserts that slide inside Freemie breast flanges to create a personalized fit. Flange fit is incredibly important to successful use of Freemie and may take some trial and error. With 13 sizes there is a lot to choose from, but Freemie is never recommended if we don’t have your size.

Many moms are not symmetrical and may need more than one size. Freemie Fitmie can help with sizes:

  • 15 and 16mm (4 pack)
  • 17 and 18mm (4 pack)
  • 19 and 20mm (4 pack)
  • 21mm (2 pack)
  • 22mm (2 pack)
  • 21 and 22mm (4 pack)
  • 23 and 24mm (4 pack)
  • 25 and 26mm (4 pack)

IMPORTANT: Sizes 15-23mm fit inside the 25mm Freemie breast flanges. Any Fitmie size will fit inside the Freemie 28mm breast flanges. Fitmie are not recommended for use with other breast flange brands.

Items by Model Number

Freemie Collection Cups

FG041 – Freemie Open-System Deluxe Cup Set for compatible Medela and Hygeia pumps

FG047 – NUK co-branded Freemie Open-System Deluxe Cup Set for NUK, Medela and Hygeia compatible pumps

FG063 – Freemie Closed-System Deluxe Cup Set for closed-system pumps to work with Ameda, Ardo, Evenflo, Philips Avent and Spectra compatible pumps

Freemie Next Generation Cups (model no FG063) can be used with the Liberty and Independence Pumps.

Freemie Breast Pumps

FG066 – Freemie Independence Mobile Pump Standard Cup Set
(Standard insurance kit with 25mm only)

FG076 – Freemie Independence Mobile Pump Deluxe Cup Set
(Deluxe Insurance kit with 25mm and 28mm)

FG077 – Freemie Liberty Mobile Pump and Deluxe Cup Set
(25mm and 28mm)

FG078 – NUK co-branded Liberty Mobile Pump and Next Generation Cup Set (includes Freemie 21mm Fitmie, 25mm and 28mm breast flanges, and NUK bottles)

Connection Kits for Freemie Original Cups

FG020 – Ameda, Ardo, Evenflo, Lucina, and Philips Avent

FG021 – Medela & Hygeia

FG044 – Spectra (Asia Pacific Connection Kit)

Accessories for Freemie Original Cups

FG024 – 25mm Funnels (2-pack)

FG050 – 25mm Funnel (single)

FG025 – 28mm Funnels (2-pack)

FG051 – 28mm Funnel (single)

FG027 – Open System Natural Shaped Cups (2-pack)

FG029 – Valve Bases (2-pack)

FG054 – Valve Base (single)

FG030 – Valves for Open System Cups (4-pack)

FG048 – Quick Connectors (2-pack)

FG049 – Freemie Tubing for Open System Cups

We maintain a full list of products here for reference purposes. Items and packaging may change and availability may be limited, unavailable or discontinued. For specific product questions email: info@freemie.com