Open v. Closed System Cups

Freemie makes two different yet similar concealable hands-free milk collection cup sets – open system and closed system.

Basically, our open system cups do not have a barrier inside them. Open system cups were made mainly for use with Medela open system compatible pumps. We later added special connection kits so users could use this cup set with other closed system compatible pumps.

Here’s how the Freemie Cup part look side by side:

Open_Closed Parts Comp Pic

Our closed system cups are compatible with a wide array of pumps, especially the history-making, break-through, portable and re-chargeable Liberty and Independence Pumps. Closed system cups use barriers inside the cups. This ingenious barrier is “tongue-shaped” and is crucial to proper use of the system.

Always check the barriers before and after each pump session to ensure there is no damage. This part may need to be replaced if use is heavy. Always replace this part if it is damaged.Barriers_076066077078

DO NOT, we repeat, DO NOT
use open system cup sets with the Freemie portable Liberty and Independence Pumps. This is a great way to ruin your pump, and nobody wants that : ((