1. Does Freemie work with Medela Freestyle, Swing or Sonata?
  2. Will insurance pay for my pump or cups?
  3. When will it ship?
  4. Will the cups be obvious?
  5. I’m a DDD, will it work?
  6. Will it fit my nipples?
  7. What sizes are there?
  8. What parts need replacing?
  9. Concealed pumping, really?
  10. What kind of bra should I use?
  11. Is my pump compatible?

1. Does Freemie work with Medela Freestyle, Swing or Sonata Pumps?

Answer: No. 

2. Will insurance pay for my pump or cups.

Answer: It depends on what products your insurance offers through their contracted DME resellers.  The Freedom and Independence Pumps are carried by many DME’s, but Byram Healthcare is the biggest, contact them or Edgepark Medical Supplies. Cups and parts are typically not covered accessories.

3. When will it ship!?

Answer: Orders ship one business day after we get them. Cups and pumps ship UPS Ground, and kits and parts go USPS. We ship from California, and ETA is 4-7 business days via UPS; and 2-4 business days via USPS. An Express mail option is available and is 2-3 business days from California. As soon as your package ships, an email with your tracking number is automatically sent. Please allow a few days to receive this email.

4. Will the cups be obvious?

Answer: Not as much as bottles and horns and having your top off. Seriously though, it depends on your frame, tissue, and wardrobe. It’s a bowl that holds 8 ounces of milk so plan on tops that stretch. If your scrubs are snug, go bigger. An Infinity scarf is your friend. If anyone does notice they’re usually impressed!

5. I’m a DDD will it work?

Answer: Probably. As long as the funnel or Fitmie fits your nipple, it should be fine. We offer a range of sizes from 15mm to 28mm, depending on your pump requirements. You must find a bra that will hold the cups like your hands would. Can’t stress this enough. See also this oldie but goodie at Motherhood Community.

6. Will it fit my nipples?

Answer: Many women are wearing the wrong size bra or shoes. Many women are asymmetrical and don’t realize it. If we don’t have your size, it’s not recommended and you won’t get good results. You can have your size determined by an IBCLC, but you won’t really know your size until you’ve tried. Freemie cups and pumps come with 2 sizes to start and this is intended to fit most. Every mom is different. Study this guide for help. Do research. Experiment. Tissue changes, your size may change over time. Consider trying Fitmie it might help you. 

Funnel Fit

7. What sizes are there?

Answer: Freemie Cups and Pumps come with sizes 25 and 28mm breast funnels. The 28mm is the largest size for cups. Fitmie inserts go inside either 25 or 28mm funnels and range in size from 15 to 26mm. 

8. What parts need replacing?

Answer: When care and maintenance are followed your Freemie Pump and/or Cup Set should last about 1 year (with regular use). Heavier use will wear mechanical and plastic parts more quickly. Freedom Pump filters, and Freemie Cup Valves need to be replaced about every 2-3 months.


9. Concealed pumping, really?

Answer: Yes. You wear Freemie in a bra underneath your clothes. You can sort of peak inside, maybe, but it’s not meant for that. It can steam up, it’s under your clothes, and you wear it in public (or not). If you need or want to watch, don’t use this tool. You can hold them by hand, but that’s not the point. If you need to watch your milk letdown a traditional tool may be a better choice.

10. What kind of bra should I use?

Answer: Most women have many bras to choose from. We like sports bras because they have a lot of stretch (they’re also really pretty now and inexpensive). Positioning in the bra is critical to successful Freemie use. Hold the cups by hand first to determine the right amount of pressure, good nipple position, and orientation. Hands free means the bra must do what your hands would with bottles and horns. Details below.

 11. Is my pump compatible?

Answer: Freemie cups work with the following pumps provided you have the proper pump connection kit.

  • Ameda Purely Yours
  • ARDO Calypso
  • Evenflo Double Electric
  • Hygeia Enjoye
  • Hygeia Q
  • Lucina Melodi
  • Medela Personal
  • Medela Pump in Style
  • Medela Pump in Style Advanced
  • Medela Lactina
  • Medela Symphony
  • NUK Double Electric
  • Philips AVENT Double Electric
  • Spectra M1
  • Spectra S1
  • Spectra S1 Plus
  • Spectra S2
  • Spectra S2 Plus
  • Unimom Forte