Liberty and Independence Pumps

After introducing Freemie Cups to the world, we totally understood the demand for a pump that met the needs of 21st century women. Breast pumps have barely evolved in a hundred years! Being hands-free and concealed to pump was a quantum leap forward to give new moms some freedom from the pumping routine, but being plugged in was the next hurdle. With this in mind, the Liberty and Independence pumps were born.

Introducing Freemie portable pumps!

The Freemie Liberty and Independence pumps are our newest wearable battery operated pumps, and are used in combination with our new Next Generation closed-system cups. Both pumps have virtually the same specifications:

  • Hospital grade suction up to 280mm Hg
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with approx. 2.5 hours operation time
  • Revolutionary noise reduction technology
  • Over 100+ suction & speed setting combinations
  • 3 Re-Programmable memory settings to favorite
  • Unique Turbo Mode – an extended draw cycle
  • Belt clip so you can wear it
  • Micro-USB and wall charger options
  • Next Generation Collection Cups included

Two Main Differences Between Liberty and Independence

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  1. The Liberty pump has a LCD display, which shows pump settings/battery percentage on a back-lit screen. The Independence Pump has an LED lights which shows pump settings through lit indicators.
  2. The Liberty Pump comes with an adjustable auto-shutoff timer that can be set in 5 minute increments up to 40 minutes. The Independence Pump does not have this feature, however, both pumps automatically shut off after 40 minutes.

Where will you pump?


“This pump is amazing! I ordered mine (insurance covered it all) about 3 weeks ago, it only took a few days to get to me. I have a Recharageble Spectra as well, which is great, but I couldn’t go change my daughters diaper while I was pumping… which isn’t great. My Freemie Liberty actually gets more milk, I can pump more often and it’s more comfortable. A sports bra works great for it, by the way! I wear mine and it’s already comfortable, then just put in the Freemie and I’m not stuck on the couch or carrying the pump around. Thanks for a fantastic pump!!”

– Abby S. 4/27/20