Next Generation Cups

Freemie Next Generation Cups (closed-system) are made with clear medical grade plastic and are free of latex, BPA and DEHP. This cup set features a built-in barrier to prevent milk back flow. You can single or double pump using this cup set, and each cup will hold 8 ounces of expressed milk. Size 25 and 28mm breast flanges are included with this set. (Some insurance pump sets only include size 25mm depending on what your plan covered.)

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Next Generation Cup Parts

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Compatible Pumps for Next Gen Cups

  • Freemie Independence
  • Freemie Liberty
  • ARDO Calypso
  • Ameda Purely Yours and Finesse
  • BellaBaby Duo Pocket and Rechargeable
  • Evenflo Deluxe Advanced
  • Lucina Melodi Prime
  • Motif Luna
  • Philips Avent
  • Spectra M1, S1, S1 Plus, S2, S2 Plus, 9 Plus

Use Freemie Next Generation Cups with any of the compatible pumps listed above! No additional parts are needed! Learn how to connect your pump here.

IMPORTANT: This closed-system Freemie Next Generation Cup set does not work with any Medela pumps.

Freemie Next Generation Cup Assembly

There is a specific way to assemble the Freemie Next Generation Cups and variation can cause malfunction.

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Cup Care and Cleaning

You’ll need to prep the hard parts by boiling them before first use. Never boil soft cup parts or tubing.

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Clean cup parts that come into contact with breast milk after each pump session.

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All Freemie Cup parts can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol. If alcohol is used, be sure that all parts are completely dry before use. See also Cleaning Cups.