Fitmie Sizes

Our Freemie Cups and Pumps come with both 25 and 28mm breast funnels. This is intended to fit most. However, many moms need a smaller size so we created Fitmie. Fitmie are our new silicone inserts for Freemie Collection Cups. These soft inserts allow you to customize the perfect sizes for you.

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FG057 – 15mm & 16mm Inserts (4-pack)

FG058 – 17mm & 18mm Inserts (4-pack)

FG059 – 19mm & 20mm Inserts (4-pack)

FG060 – 21mm & 22mm Inserts (4-pack)

FG061 – 23mm & 24mm Inserts (4-pack)

FG062 – 25mm & 26mm Inserts (4-pack)

FG064 – 21mm Inserts (2-pack)

FG065 – 22mm Inserts (2-pack)

Find your Fitmie sizes here:

It’s worth noting that many moms are asymmetrical, that is, the areolar tissue is slightly different on each side. These moms may benefit from using Fitmie.

Fitmie Inserts

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