Bra & Flange Fit

Bra fit is really important for successful use of Freemie. Make sure your bra is not holding the cups too tight or too loose. Your bra must make and keep a seal against your tissue when your breasts are both full, and emptying. A zip-front sports bra should be considered, but any bra might work.

Position In Bra

In addition to bra fit, it is also critical that the Freemie breast flanges fit well. If they don’t fit, you won’t get good results. Our sizing refers to the funnel nipple hole when measured across. 

For moms who are new to pumping we recommend getting fitted by an IBCLC and doing research online. Every woman’s tissue is a different size, shape, texture and elasticity. Finding a comfortable flange fit can take some trial and error.

Be aware that flanges vary between brands, and that tissue can also change over time. Further, many moms are asymmetrical and may not realize they need two different sizes.

Position In Bra2

Check breast flange fit here:

Funnel Fit

We provide sizes 25mm and 28mm with most retail cup and pump sets to fit most moms. We also offer a range of soft Fitmie inserts from 15mm-26mm that come in packs of 4 with 2 sizes (e.g., 21 and 22mm), or in packs of 2 with one size. Some moms prefer soft funnels over hard ones.

Freemie Fitmie details can be found here.

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