The Freemie Story

History of Pumping

We at Freemie are proud to offer such a wide range of pumps, cups, and accessories to help moms pump more simply and discretely. We truly believe that we’re helping pave the road to a better pumping experience, but the plight of removing breast milk without a baby has been around for hundreds of years. Here’s how pumping looked circa 1830:

Woman Using Breast Fluid Pump; Woodcut

Things did improve over time. In 1917, there was actually a number of portable pumping options, but it looked like this:

Breast Pump 1900


Modern Day Pumping

Fast forward to the 21st century, and we now have electricity on a wide scale. The options have been decent, but being tied into an outlet is not a good option for the modern day woman. In 2013, we released our first products. Here’s our first double pump, the Freemie Freedom:

Freemie Freedom Pump and Cup Set with Parts

Freemie Freedom Double Electric

Even this setup is more advanced than the norm, as it includes our hands free Freemie cups, and does not require a woman to remove any clothing. This was a huge step forward, and it revolutionized the way pumping was viewed, but that wasn’t enough. We received an overwhelming amount of wonderful reviews and heartfelt stories of how our products helped women all over the world, but it was clear that something was missing, portability.

It’s now 2018, and we’ve recently introduced out new battery powered Liberty/Independence Pump models, and our Closed-System Collection Cups, which allows mom to pump in more places than ever before.


These advancements have been nothing short of revolutionary for pumping moms, but what prompted Freemie’s creation?

Freemie Is Born

Having a baby is no easy task. Every mom gets to experience the “ups” and “downs” of raising a child, and every person’s experience is different. Many women work outside of the home, some have twins, sometimes there are health complications with the baby. In 200_, Dr. Stella Dao gave birth to premature twins. Dr. Dao is a partnered physician with Kaiser Healthcare, and to say she was a “busy” person would be a massive understatement. Finding time to pump for two babies while also saving lives is no nominal task, and it sparked an idea that one day would be known as “Freemie”.

Partnered with her husband, CEO and co-founder Dan Garbez, they began making conceptual designs in their garage out of Tupperware and other companies pumping parts. A crude concept came together, which Dr. Dao tested herself, and the results were clear.

A Concept That Works

Nearly 10 years worth of research went into patents, designs, and manufacturing when we launched our first cups in 2013.

Today, we’re happy to say we offer Freemie parts in 20+ countries, and have helped hundreds of thousands of women meet or exceed their pumping goals. We consistently receive messages from customer’s who tell us our cups were the single reason they made it past a few months of pumping.

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