Freemie Cups for Pumps

One of the most common questions is, “Will my pump work with Freemie?” The answer is, probably. Freemie works with a huge variety of pumps. Our Cups were initially made to work with Medela pumps, which are the most common pumps out there. Then, we worked to add as many additional pumps as we could.

Freemie is not compatible with every pump so always check for compatibility first. If you don’t see your pump listed here, our regrets. It’s not always possible to add Freemie to every pump system. This is usually due to some sort of engineering design conflict, not because we don’t try!

Freemie Open-System Cup Sets

The open-system Freemie Deluxe Collection Cups (model no. FG041) comes with a connection kit for Medela, Hygeia and NUK compatible pumps, to include:

  • Medela Personal, Pump in Style (Advanced), Lactina & Symphony
  • Hygeia EnJoye & Q
  • NUK Expressive Double Electric Breast Pump

Freemie Cups are not compatible with Medela Freestyle, Swing or Sonata Pumps.

This cup set retails for $59 an will work with any other compatible pump when you add a pump connection kit.

More Compatible Pumps

With the proper pump connection kit, the Open-System Freemie Cups can also work with these compatible pumps:

  • Ameda Purely Yours
  • Ardo Calypso
  • Evenflo Advanced Double Electric
  • Lucina Melodi Prime Double Electric
  • Philips AVENT Double Electric


Freemie Brand Pumps

Freemie Open-System Cup sets also work with our Freemie Freedom Double Electric Pump, and Freemie Equality Manual Pump (the only single-handed, mom-powered, double manual pump out there). These pump and cup sets come with their own connections only and do not include kits for other pumps.




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