About Freemie

This site is the official blog for Freemie.com and provides details and instructions about Freemie products and how to best use and care for them.

To purchase authentic Freemie pumps, cups and spare parts, please visit us at www.freemie.com.

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We are excited to announce that Freemie Cups are now available internationally in the E.U. Visit our U.K. web site at www.freemie.co.uk.

Freemie offers moms a revolutionary way to pump anytime, anywhere, around anyone! Where can you pump?

Freemie is a real game-changer for busy moms, especially those who must be separated from their infants for periods of time. Moms in the workplace often give up on breastfeeding too early because there is no time or place to pump. Add an inflexible work environment to the mix and it’s no wonder moms quit lactation early.

We moms do many jobs at home and afield, but pumping just got easier with Freemie.


“My coworker has a freemie & hers isn’t loud at all. She pumps when she works & nobody really notices.”

Samantha S. 4/16/20

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